Find love in your home during a pandemic

Amy MayFocal Point

If you’re like me, you probably never envisioned your home getting this much use on a continuous basis. But this is actually an opportunity—being at home so much gives you the chance to figure out what you truly love about your living space, what you don’t love, and what changes will not only meet your needs, but re-energize your environment.

Whatever you’ve discovered that doesn’t work about your space, we can find a solution. Maybe the kitchen nook needs to be both an office and a learning center for the kids. Or your existing office needs to accommodate an additional work-at-home employee. Or you just want a more cozy, comforting space for watching Netflix.

Just a few small changes can help you get more enjoyment out of being at home—for the next month and beyond!

Add Personality


Does your space lack personality or need a little more “fun” added?

Does it feel like you’re living with hand-me downs?

I have a creative family— my father is a skilled carpenter that can make anything. Growing up watching him create beautiful things helped me to appreciate artisans in my own backyard. Supporting local artisans and artists is one of my passions. My love of collecting artifacts over the years has really paid off. They still bring me joy when I see them, and they make each room a little more interesting. I’ve moved them around to different areas on occasion to change the mood and give them a new life (see tips on that in the next section).

Below are some of my favorite local artisans and online shops.

Liz Gamberg Studio
“Functional Art For Every Day”
The Phinery
Home Store
Catherine Grisez
CG Sculptor and Jewelry
Photo Credit: Sarah Flotard,
Tirto Furniture

Move it around / Repurpose


After a short period of time we become desensitized to our environment. Meaning, we lose sight of what we enjoy the most as it starts to fade into the background. So, move things around to other rooms to give them new life! Let a new environment allow them to shine and catch your attention.

Furniture: Pull your sofa away from the wall and float it in the room. If you have matching chairs, split them up. Switch a living room chair with a chair you may have in the bedroom or other area of the house. If you really want to go crazy, rotate the room! Have fun with it!

Art: Do you walk by artwork in your hallway every day and don’t even notice it anymore? Then move it to your make-shift office behind your desk so it’s the background for your Zoom calls.

Pictures: Are the pictures on your bookshelf more than 5 years old? How about this Saturday you and your family look through pictures from your last vacation and select new ones to replace the old ones? Not only it is a fun activity to do together, but you’ll love having new photos displayed!

Pillows + Throws + Rugs: Switch them from your living room to your bedroom. Don’t worry about the paint color, just let your mind go crazy for a day and tell you it’s wrong. But you’ll discover it’s so right! Convince yourself you’re living on the edge and be daring. You can always switch it back later if you change your mind. The house gods will forgive you.

Seating arrangements: Does each member of the family have a certain spot? Switch it up! You’ll gain a whole new perspective when you sit down for dinner or gather around the TV. If you can’t bear to leave your favorite chair, then move it to a different spot in the room. Again, break the rules (there really are no rules!).

Plan Ahead


Have you been thinking about a future renovation for your home, but never found the time or energy to work out the details? Well, now you do!

Now that you’re cooking more frequently, start a list of what’s not working in your kitchen. What changes would make cooking and eating as a family more enjoyable?

Or do you need more personal space? Where in the house do you want to escape?

Is it time to make the basement part of the house rather than the dungeon? It could be a great place for the kids to enjoy. Or, make it a spare bedroom freeing up a room on the first floor for an office or escape room.

ave you dreamt of a long, hot bath as a way to be alone?

Now is the time to dream—and plan.


I love what I do, and do what I love. We’ll be spending more time at home in the coming months, and I want you to love your space. Change it up!

Let your home be Modern. Authentic. Yours.

-Amy May