Sanja Stevens

Project Designer


Growing up in Europe, Sanja was exposed to a wide variety of design and architectural styles—creating a strong foundation for what ultimately became a career in the industry (after spending nearly 8 years as an interpreter for the United Nations, that is). She has extensive experience in the design world, a keen eye for all things pretty, and a deep understanding of the technical aspects of appliances, lighting, and plumbing.

Sanja is a great listener, an innate problem-solver, and is always on high alert for fresh products and themes.

Amy and Sanja worked together in Chicago before a happy coincidence found them moving to Seattle within 9 months of each other. Ever since, they’ve been looking to join forces again—and now the circle is complete.

Sanja is absolutely crazy about her two dogs, Sophie and Frankie (and all animals in general). Her husband, Patrick, must be pretty OK, too: “He’s the funniest, smartest person I know,” she says.

Amy May



Since I founded MAY Designs in 2009, I’ve been creating spaces that draw upon my clients’ inspirations and reflect their personalities. But my journey began long before that — and even before I received my first subscription to Architectural Digest as a 12-year-old.

I grew up in the Midwest idolizing (and working for) my father, a skilled carpenter who in his own way helped people transform their environments. I gained inspiration not only from his work, but also from the way he treated people. And I carry that forward to this day, using a collaborative, friendly approach with every client on every project.

I have degrees — and real-world experience — in accounting and computer information systems technology along with interior design. (My mother, providing even more parental inspiration, always encouraged me to broaden my knowledge.) I worked in both the business and construction worlds before moving to Seattle in 2012, giving me a unique perspective on interior design.