Amy May


Since I founded MAY Designs in 2009, I’ve been creating spaces that draw upon my clients’ inspirations and reflect their personalities. But my journey began long before that — and even before I received my first subscription to Architectural Digest as a 12-year-old.

I grew up in the Midwest idolizing (and working for) my father, a skilled carpenter who in his own way helped people transform their environments. I gained inspiration not only from his work, but also from the way he treated people. And I carry that forward to this day, using a collaborative, friendly approach with every client on every project.

I have degrees — and real-world experience — in accounting and computer information systems technology along with interior design. (My mother, providing even more parental inspiration, always encouraged me to broaden my knowledge.) I worked in both the business and construction worlds before moving to Seattle in 2012, giving me a unique perspective on interior design.

Karla Myers

Accounting + Procurement Manager

After four years with MAY Designs (and nearly 25 years as a CPA and accounting manager for several other companies in the Seattle area), Karla has officially retired! I will miss her a great deal, but I am thankful for the support she provided—both on the numbers side and as she began to branch out and learn more about design.

Karla plans to spend more time with her husband and their three grown kids, including exploring the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands on the family’s boat. But that’s all going to be secondary to her favorite pastime, which is spending time with her granddaughter, Daisy. And with two more grandchildren due to arrive shortly, her schedule soon might be even more full than when she was working! Best wishes, Karla!