Inspired Global Travel

Inspired Global Travel

After a divorce, this client was looking for an update to her Seattle condo that reflected her personality and provided a fresh new feel to match her new beginning. She wanted to fall in love with her home again. There were two key goals: creating the right space for her to entertain and host wine parties, along with modernizing her antiquated master bathroom. The bathroom in particular presented several challenges—for example, to keep project costs down, the existing cabinets needed to stay even as we sought to transform the space into something that felt more like a spa retreat.


Capacity was an issue in her entertaining space, so we began by creating additional seating for the living room that doubles as storage. In the small dining room, a custom-designed table featuring a double-drop-leaf live edge allows for flexibility—it’s compact on a daily basis but can be easily expanded for guests. We also designed a bench for the dining table that can be used as an entry piece. The client’s own travel experiences inspired our finishing touch: a custom wool rug, handmade in Nepal.

In the bathroom, we brightened the space with better lighting and by selecting a white countertop for the vanity; vertical elements, such as the mirror and cluster of pendant lights, also help to make the space feel bigger. Mosaic tile on the floor creates a tactile feel under foot, and hints of color add depth and interest to break up the other elements. Cabinet pulls are accented in the client’s favorite color, but can easily be changed if she decides to switch things up. Artwork from her travels adds a personal note, evoking fond memories and fostering relaxation.


"I love that [Amy] really listened to how I live in my space and came back with great ideas that reflected my lifestyle. She introduced me to wonderful artists in the community for local touches that I treasure.”

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