Capitol Hill Charmer

Our clients often want to create a kitchen space that’s more conducive to entertaining—but they don’t usually have to worry about how the master bathroom impacts their guests! For this project, we had to consider both. The kitchen was dark, dreary and inefficient; there was nowhere for guests to linger without being in the way, and the space didn’t flow into the dining room. The master bath was a concern as well, because it is shared by the master bedroom and a guest room. Similar to the kitchen, the space was tight and poorly suited to the client’s needs; both needed to be opened up to make the home more livable.


In the kitchen, we improved flow by removing walls to connect the space with the dining room and what used to be a dark, separated hallway. The fireplace and chimney now serve as an attractive architectural feature and focal point; they also provide a perfect bar and sitting area for guests on the kitchen side. A mix of finishes and materials throughout creates balance with the exposed brick, and the copper range hood adds a sentimental touch—it was created by one of the client’s cousins.

To maximize the bathroom, we added a barn door and created a separate water closet that includes a linen cabinet. We also installed a bench in an area where the pitched ceiling is low, allowing us to increase the size of the shower. A wide double vanity in white, along with an overall light color palette, brightens the entire bathroom—with vivid wallpaper adding personality.


"Amy provided us with a number of creative initial designs which enabled us to land on plans … that were much more creative than we initially thought was possible. It was great to be able to work with her to incorporate any changes we desired while having her guidance on overall space utilization and feel."