Charming Ballard Tudor


When this newlywed couple moved into a 1930s Tudor, inefficiencies such as cobbled-together bedrooms, a kitchen that felt closed off, and a half-bath in the pine-paneled attic space weren’t a big concern.

However, once they were expecting a child, they realized they wanted to make changes that would transform the home into a space more suitable for family living.

The first step was developing the attic into a master suite with storage, HVAC and a full bath. Our design objective was to create a classic aesthetic with a clean, modern feel, utilizing unfinished attic space within the existing roofline. The next phase was creating a kitchen that opened into the living room, allowing for stronger connection.


In the attic, we combined design elements that created a horizontal flow through the space and an inviting atmosphere. The vanity and shower were placed at the highest points of the sloped ceiling, pushing them toward opposite walls and opening a sizeable walkway. Additional storage was captured with custom cabinetry under the lowest points of the ceiling, with skylights added in multiple places to maximize the head height. This white cabinets and subway tile combine to provide a light, airy feel that makes the space feel larger than it is.

Our changes to the kitchen were focused on flow as well—it was important to open it up to the living room, allowing for more interaction during family time and also while entertaining. Now, whether it’s kids playing with toys (or playing the piano) while the adults are cooking, or guests mingling and chatting with the hosts as dinner is being prepared, the new layout makes it easy to stay connected. And the new comfortable eating area is a perfect spot for families and friends to gather and make memories.

For each project, we sought to maintain the character that attracted the couple to this historic house in the first place. In the new bathroom, we used bronze finishes on the fixtures and hardware, along with vintage-inspired touches such as the privacy indicator lock. For the new kitchen/living space, arched doorways embrace the classic Tudor charm.

The result is a home that reflects my clients’ refined design sensibilities—and at the same time provides an environment that is just right for a growing family.