Irish Pub - Tradition + Taps


Some people collect shirts or hats when they visit new places, but these fun-loving clients collect beer taps—over 100 of them at last count. After hearing that, it was no surprise when I learned they wanted to create an Irish pub in the basement of their 1929 Seattle home!

Here’s how prepared they were: The name was established and a sign had been made, well before I came along. That was my indication this was going to be a truly personal, connected, emotional project. I was excited to help get that sign out of the closet and onto the wall!


Given the very strong theme we were discussing for the space, we also needed to consider the bigger picture of how it related to the house, the neighborhood, and what the next homeowner might want for the space down the road.

First, we ensured the layout allowed for a potential ADU with minimal rework. Then, while the design aesthetic stayed true to the Irish pub theme, we also incorporated elements from the rest of house into the millwork and doors. We added extra storage and separate laundry while still maintaining garage space. The result is a “pub” I’d certainly be happy to visit for a pint!


"(Amy) came up with the perfect design for the existing unfinished space that had just the right ‘feel’ of an Irish pub, but didn’t go overboard on theme. … Now we have our dream basement bar living space with the perfect mix of entertaining, lounging, practicality and fun."