Textured Elegance


Although my clients built this home nearly 30 years ago, they were never quite happy with one thing: the layout and feel of the master bathroom. Even with a couple of windows and a skylight, the space felt a bit crowded and dark, in part because of a large tub deck and a floor-to-ceiling cabinet next to the vanity.

So when this Stanwood couple became empty nesters, they decided it was finally time to create the master bath they have wanted all along. I was referred by another designer who knew I’d be able to push the envelope while working within the limitations of the space and location (for example, there’s an adjacent walk-in closet the clients wanted to keep).


Perhaps the most striking change is the window—instead of the two small openings from before, we created one large opening that gives the entire room a more spacious, airy feel. Additionally, the tub and window combine to provide a focal point for the space. Removing the enormous tub deck also opened things up, and a niche anchors the tub while offering a spot to both store and display bath salts, towels, etc.

By removing the large cabinet and enlarging the vanity, we added functional storage that looks more modern and attractive, and feels less imposing. The shower was moved to the opposite wall, and we added a barn door for a natural wood element that both complements the rest of the room and aligns with the outdoor greenery now visible through the window.

With finishing touches that include a mix of patterns and textures, this bathroom is now an oasis—an inviting, elegant, luxurious space to unwind.